US Do you offer
coverage on an
Arcimoto/can we get
a quote for coverage
on an Arcimoto?
THEM Yes, where do you
live, what coverage
limits would you
like, etc. I’m starting
a quote for you as a
US It is not a
motorcycle. It has
3-wheels, is all
electric, and licensed
for road use.
THEM Okay, well it sounds
like it should work
under a motorcycle.
I’ll just type it in as
an Arcimoto. The
system requires that
I add cc’s, so I’ll just
put in 1.
US No, I want to make
sure this will be a
correct policy.
Please check with
your underwriting
guidelines to make
sure it actually
THEM Um, okay, please
(After holding)
I spoke with
underwriting. It
looks like that
actually does not
work for coverage.
We don’t actually
have a policy option
that works. Sorry.
You will need to get
coverage somewhere

Frequently Asked Questions about Arcimoto Insurance Coverage