Agoff Insurance Solutions

Having started with humble roots, Agoff Insurance Solutions was created in Eugene, Oregon by Sharaya Moretti – who is now Sharaya Agoff. Yes we have a weak spot for all things Italian. Come at us with pasta, wine, or chocolate and we will have such a great time.

The founder, Sharaya has always had a passion and heart to serve people. With Bachelor’s degrees of Business Management, Marketing, and Psychology, she wants to use her knowledge to help others. Thinking she was going to be a psychologist or design new products to help people’s lives improve, she is drawn to strategy, numbers, and creating.

With such a desire, insurance became the perfect solution. Getting to help individuals, families, and businesses understand the crazy world of insurance – since we all know it is like a completely different language! – as well as tailored policies to fit people’s specific needs.

Now with a fantastic team, the heart and soul of Agoff Insurance Solutions has not changed. In fact,